Why you have to heal your broken heart before entering into new relationship

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Have you ever entered a relationship with your heart still broken? Have you ever felt that after this heartbreak you will be broken forever? I believe you will be happy to find out that you are not alone.

We all go through heartbreaks but unfortunately not all of us take the time to heal and learn the lesson from the "broken" relationship,

When we don't take the time the heal our heart and jump straight to looking for another lover or partner we are doomed to have our heart broken yet again. The reasons are:

  1. We are still hurting and because we are still in pain we expect that our new partner or lover will hurt us, just like it happened before

  2. Because we are expecting to be hurt, just like before, we tend to raise our walls high and be defensive and take every little misunderstanding, as an attack to ourselves. We take evrything personal, as if it is our fault

  3. Because we are in pain, we expect the other person to make us happy and to heal us. Thus we are raising our expectations and we tend to create false image of our new partner instead of looking at them as a person and who they really are

Now what happens when we heal our heart:

  1. We start to love and appreciate ourself, just the way we are - a constant work in progress.

  2. We accept all that we are - our flaws, imperfections, our strengths, our undividuality

  3. We start to see the red flags in others and we understand to steer clear from these individuals as now we know that they are not healthy for us

  4. We start to see which one of the people we meet is good for us and we can grow through a healthy relationship

  5. We are not NEEDY, because we know that we give to ourselves everything we need - love, appreciation, care

  6. We built healthy boundaries and we show people how we want to be treated

  7. We are happy in our own comapny as well as in the company of others

  8. We don't have extreme expectations for others and therefore we don't have illusions that are too far from the reality. At the end of the day people don't break our heart, they break our expectations

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