Why We Do Not Consider Ourselves As a Gift For Life

After a few months of feeling like I do not have anything to say and feeling depleted, I want to share my thoughts on why we are a gift for life itself.

I am not sure about you, but when I was a child, through the way I have been treated, I have internalised the impression that my voice does not matter, that my opinion is never relevant, that my feelings should be ignored and supressed, and all that should be done in the name of the greater good and to be accepted by the society. A society that does not tolerate vulnerability, a society that applauds bullying, material success, hard work and plodding along, regardless of the sacrifice and the cost for the one who takes the action. A society, that feels that only the shortcomings should be pointed out, in order for the individual to "man up" and "grow up" and "get a grip", to continue to serve the martyr and to hopefully be aknowledged and pronounced for a saint.

In my life experience, so far, regardless of the efforts I have invested, nothing has been enough and I was made to feel, not just, not enough but completely useless for everyone around me. Until I realised that I what I didn't acknowledge was my own value, my own worth.

I have been on my healing journey for the best part of the last two years, and I have to declare, although I feel much better within myself and about myself, the last few months I started to realise that I am INDEED a gift to life itself. So I would like to invite you to start considering the impact each one of you have on those around us. The impact we have on our children, on our parents, on our friend, spouses and those who just pass through our lives.

The older generations impacts the younger generations through life wisdom and good advice, that sometimes it can be lifesaving. All that comes from living through adverse experiences and being able to spot warning signs. The older generation teach the younger ones life skills like cooking, caring, cleaning and social skills. Although the society doesn't recognise them as real life serving skills they are.

The younger generations teach the older generations about freedom, to accept the changes and being able to take the leap of faith. The younger generations teach the older one ones that life can be easier and more beautiful and how to enjoy it, just like the small kids do.

Our friends impact us either through their compassion or their ignorance towards us. In this way they show us who really cares about us and who we should stay away from. We impact our friends and acquaintancies by the way we treat them as well. Either with love and compassion or with ignorance. It is the same about those who just pass through our lives.

Now more than ever I live by the wisdom "The way you treat me, shows me who you are. The way I treat you shows who I am".

We all want to be treated good and with consideration and respect but do we really treat others with the same consideration and respect, we expect from them?

The effects from our actions always create ripples. Ripples sometimes we do not see or we do not want to see. But there are always ripples. It up to us to decide what type of ripples we want to create. The ripples that will make us feel good about us or the ripples that, one day, we will regret.

That is why we are a gift to life. Because when we decide that we want to create ripples we love to talk about, through our desires we help life to continue and expand, and progress, and get better 0.0001% at a time but the compound effect is realised years or even decades after.

Make the decision now. It is never too late to start creating the change, you want, in your life.

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