Know Thy Self

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

I do love a good quote that makes me look at myself and makes me dig deep into my soul to find out what I am afraid of and why. A quote that literally helps me to change my life for better, despite of the internal discomfort I will experience, because I know that in the long run my life will be more free and fulfilled. And today I came across this quote and I think it is really profound because what we are most scared of is to feel pain and disappointment again. I was scared to face my fears and my pain, burried deep inside me, and it was really hard in the begining as I thought that I will live with them forever. To my dismay that was not the case. Yes it did hurt for a couple of minutes or I had to cry for about an hour but after that I felt much lighter and confident. So I can promise you that once you start accepting the internal pain and fears they get less and less and you will feel more and more free and ready to shine your light.

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