How meditation helps our daily life

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Before I started meditating I thought that meditation was a huge overrated thing that belonged in Asia and the Buddhist monks. So I kept on finding excuses why not to meditate. From I dont have the time to "WHAT??? You want me to sit down and quiet my mind? Have you lost your marbles? My mind has always been overactive. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!". But one day, after listening to Abraham Hicks, I decided to give it a go, mainly as a form to reduce my stress levels and to get my high blood pressure under control. I have read a lot about meditation and the advice that was given just didn't resonate with me. I was suppose to sit in a quiet room, holding my hands in a specific way and chanting. I HATE chanting. I am more of a speech or stay quiet girl. But what Abraham Hicks advised was to be in comfortable clothes, in a comfortable position and instead of chanting just to pat attention either to my breath or a sound around me that is monotonous and boring. Well I didn't do that either. I started meditating using various meditation apps with various success but I was bored beyond compare. I just couldn't reach the state, that was ddescribed as a pure bliss. So after trying various meditation apps, various sounds I have found a meditation channel on YouTube and specifically one meditation, which became my foundation. With this meditation I have reached the state of pure bliss and I just didn't want to come out of and enter the real world. What happened after that wa described to me but I never knew how much I will hurt and how much I had to shed off to get to the mental place I am now. My old world started falling apart and I started seeing "through" people's intentions. I was getting more and more in tune with my intuition and if I don't follow it I will be hit with a great life lesson that I had to learn. But on the other hand, the more I got in tune with myself, my real self, the better I knew what my life is about. People who do not belong in my life were removing themselves, others who are good for me started to arrive. Answers to life long questions became more and more clear and the best part of it is that I had realised my value to myself and I started loving myself more and more each passing day.

Let me tell you that, yes meditation might seem that it is just sitting, doing nothing, thinking nothing and it seems counterintuitive to what we have been taught but actually it does help so much for our purpose to be found, what our next step should be, how to be patient and not to go against the flow. And when we do listen to our intuition so much more gets done because we are willing to go that extra mile to do something that we love instead of procrastinating doing something we find mundane and boring.

I think I managed to give you a little bit more understanding why meditating should be a part of your daily routine just like your morning coffee and scrolling through social media

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