Childhood Trauma and CPTSD

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

I know that there are people who went through great ordeals in their childhood and it is kind of easy to pinpoint the reasons to be depressed, anxious, why they turn to alcohol, drugs and so on. But what about those whose childhoods were not marked with sexual abuse, physical abuse or mental abuse? I think we forget that even they can have traumatic experiences in their lives because their parents raised them the way themselves have been raised. And what if the parents are traumatised, without realising it?

I know when one is not in state of depression or have an anxiety attack, is really easy not to understand what is happenning in the others mind and just judge because of ignorance or misunderstanding. When I was depressed and I was told to chin up or to pull myself together or that I am stronger, I kind of knew it but I didn't feel it at that precise moment. All I needed was for someone to listen to me and give me some compassion and non-jidgemental love. Just to hold space for me. I know I am a fighter but I do have my weak moments too. I am a human as well.

So to me it became really important, after realising what my childhood experiences have caused to me to start digging deep and bring to the light all memories and fears and to incorporate them within me. To stop rejecting them and accept them as a part of me. I realised that if I keep on pushing them down and dismissing them I was pushing down myself and I was dismissing myself.

And here I am ready to share my experience and the exrecises I have used to heal from childhood wounds and to help those who are ready to take on that path to heal and create a better and brighter future.

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