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About Me

  Hello my name is Emiliya and I am a transformation and empowerment coach.

After suffering with low self worth, self loathing and self sabotage, I have hit rock bottom, where I was depressed and anxious. I realised that I HAVE to do something to stop the cycle I was in and I started working on bringing myself up. I started exploring questions 'Why', 'How' and so on. Through applying various techniques I have discovered that I was having a lot of disempowering beliefs I have adopted due to social conditioning that did not serve me and was really detrimental.

   I have empowered myself and I have transformed my life, which made me realise that I want to help people and be there for them in their journey to happiness, transformation and empowerment.

I have found techniques and exercises that do not bypass but truly heal and help others to realise that life actually is beautiful and worth living, People find their purpose and passion much easier.

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My Background 




I am a certified Life coach, NLP practioner and hypnotist



I specialize in helping people to transform their life and become more empowered through transforming their mindset that allows them to see their potential and the opportunities available to them. I love working with teenagers, as they are showing how the future can be improved.

After going through the personal transformation myself and helping friends and colleagues, and seeing how with my help they have turned their lives around and the happiness they are experiencing I decided that I can help the world to be a happier place one person at a time.

About: Services

Who I Help

I help people who feel disempowered, stuck in life, with low self esteem or procrastinating to find their inner strength and to start transforming their life

How I Do It

Through a conversation and asking appropriate questions I help the client to indentify where the issue lies and through carefully picked exercises I help my clients to start the journey to transformation and empowerment.

What's in It for You

I create a space of acceptance to start the transformation process. There is no problem too small or too big. I create a safe space for the client to open up, which helps to indetify the real issue and work on it. At the end of the course the client has got a better relationship with oneself, healthy boundaries, more confidence and a clear vision for the future.

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