As a life coach with real life experience, I fully understand what it means to struggle with the challenges we face, how these challenges shape our lives and make us behave in ways that are self sabotaging. I do understand what it means to try to change your life but being stuck in perpetuum of same experiences.
I help my clients to break this cycle through a careful examination of the causes and with exercises, specifically designed for the individual needs of the client, I help them to start creating a new, more beneficial mindset, that helps them to achieve the goals and the the growth that are desired.
Together, we will revisit and upgrade your strategy, goals, and processes to achieve long term prosperity. You might only need a push in the right direction. Or a different, fresh perspective on how you run your company or progress in your career. Your mindset and frame of mind are everything, so we will create synergy between your goals and values and set you on the right track, to abundant life

I can help you:
- If you have got low self esteem and this prevents you from progressing in life
- If you need to establish healthy boundaries in your relationships
- If you want to change your life but you are too afraid to take the leap of faith
- If you have got anxiety and you want to stop the cycle
- If you think your dreams are too big and you don't know where to start or how to stay focused

I have been through crippling depression, anxiety, constantly feeling unhappy, co-dependant relationship, full of debts and not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. BUT I have overcome all that and I want to help those, who really want to change their life, but do not know what are the blocks in front of them and how to remove them. I know what it is to try different methods and not seeing results. I know how real the frustration can be.


Make today the first day of YOUR NEW LIFE


Success Stories

I felt stuck in moving forward to set up a business Gem Coaching gave me the insights and skills to become more motivated . I was feeling overwhelmed by all of the things I needed to do and Gem Coaching showed me how to set more achievable goals quickly. I would recommend Gem coaching to anyone who feels stuck and wants to move foward fearlessly . Thank you

J.D. Vanstone


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Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

+44 77565 30234

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